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What does it cost to take a road test with you?
We work very hard to make the process affordable, and our prices are lower than at most other driving schools. The base road test sponsorship fee for adults is $95, not including any needed lessons. We want to do this the right way so that you'll pass on the FIRST try and save money in the long run. You will need to set up a free evaluation at least 15 days prior to the exam, to determine your skill level, if there are areas that need work, and what the estimated total cost will be to fulfill our recommendations. Because driving ability, technique and skills are a deeply personal subject, very few people have a realistic self-assessment and the vast majority of road test applicants will benefit tremendously from professional training.

What are my chances of passing a road test at your venue?
Great! Our passing rate is among the top Massachusetts schools. We are confident that you will enjoy a positive experience, although your chances are influenced by factors beyond our control such as the effectiveness of training you received at home and/or elsewhere, and how well you function under pressure. We will do everything humanly possible within the time allotted to ensure that you are ready, the rest is up to you!

How do I schedule a warmup lesson?
If you are one of our students, check the messages on your Schedule2Drive homepage 7 to 10 days prior to the exam for instructions. The warmup lesson is scheduled just like your first 12 drive times, except it is shorter and clearly designated as a warmup lesson. If you are not one of our students, we will make several attempts to contact you, or you can call us during business hours.

I enrolled in your weekend road test. Why is it now on a weekday evening?
The demand for license exams statewide often exceeds the availability of RMV examiners, and therefore the RMV gave us a choice: go on an alternate date, or have no road test at all. Obviously, being flexible was the better choice.

Who determines if I pass or fail?
Once you are in the road test car, the RMV is 100% in charge. The pass/fail decision is made solely by the RMV examiner based on a fixed scoresheet. The determination of the RMV examiner is not influenced by the driving school and is non-negotiable.

What types of cars do you use?
The vehicle used for the exam may change from time to time. Currently we are using a Toyota RAV4.

How do I obtain my learner's permit?
You should study the driver's manual and then go directly to the RMV for your permit exam. No appointment is needed, but you must arrive at least 1 hour+ before closing. Bring an official birth certificate, your Social Security card, proof of Massachusetts residence, a document with your signature (such as a loan contract or lease), and passport if you have one. The following document list should be useful. If you are under the age of 18, you may be able to use this form. Unfortunately, driving schools cannot give permit exams.

Why does RMV say my Saturday road test time is different than what you're telling me??
We make up the individual times, not the RMV, and they will list Saturday road test applicant times randomly, therefore the time they give you will be incorrect and possibly cause you to miss your appointment entirely!

Can you pick me up and drop me off on the day of the road test?
Sorry, we're already busy with the road test itself and classroom sessions.

I am a driver's ed student under the age of 18, what do I need to get into a weekend road test?
First, you must be one of our students. The new RMV system makes it very difficult for us to take you if you are a customer of another school. You will need to meet ALL of the following criteria at least 15 to 20 days before taking a weekend road test:
1) Finish all required classroom sessions and road lessons
2) Complete at least 40 hours of "supervised driving" at home
3) Have a valid, unexpired permit, which was obtained at least 183 days prior to the road test date
4) Parent class must have been completed within last 60 months.
5) Pay us any missed lesson fees and the road test sponsorship fee.
If the above requirements are not met, your exam will necessarily be postponed to a later date.


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