Saturday Road Test Terms and Conditions

  • Saturday road tests are offered by invitation only and acceptance may be refused, postponed, cancelled, or revoked at our discretion. Roster slots are made available first to our own driver education students. We may occasionally offer a limited number of slots to non-students depending on enrollment levels.

  • Standard RMV rules apply to weekend exams - you cannot schedule more than one road test at a time regardless of the venues.

  • We reserve the right to use any vehicle in our driver education fleet for the exam.

  • Availability is subject to capacity limits.

  • Practice a.k.a. "warmup" lesson is mandatory for all applicants who are not full driver education graduates of Gilmore's Driving School.

  • We take our responsibility for public safety very seriously and therefore reserve the right to postpone, cancel or revoke enrollment to anyone who in our professional opinion is an unsuitable license candidate for any reason.

  • Service is strictly limited to applicants who reside both within Worcester County and within 10 miles of our driving school.

  • Dates are projected and subject to change or postponement by the RMV or due to weather.

  • We are extremely diligent regarding timely and accurate submission of all documents to the RMV, but once submitted we have no control over the processing of driver's ed certificates, road test lists, or licenses.

  • Applicants who fail for speeding or unsafe maneuvers will not receive a retest invitation.

  • The sponsorship fee for non-students is payable in cash only and non-refundable for any reason.